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Akshar Wellness Center in Hyderabad provide Alternative therapy services and concentrate on holding seminars to create awareness of these therapies, other associated awareness programs and impart trainings to persons or groups with recognized certifications.

Globally there is a rise in physical and mental ailments due to natural, genetic disorders and more particularly due to stress and high pollution levels .

Pollution does not merely end with air , water and sound. Pollution seeps into our daily life style. Day to day intake- be it vegetables, dairy products, meat etc.. brim with chemical invasion. Mainstream treatments for even a minor ailments further fills the bodies with Chemical drugs. An increasing awareness of this helpless situation in resulting in a shift towards ancient, time tested drugless therapies.

Alternate therapies like Acupressure, Acupuncture, Foot Reflexology, Thai Yoga Therapy, Shiatsu have gained popularity once again...

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Kepping The Body in Good Health is a duty - Lord Buddha

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